Curriculum / Lesson Plan Software for Schools

Our system makes it easy to build curriculum, then use those documents to quickly write lesson plans. Never start a lesson plan from scratch again!


About Us

We've been in the curriculum software business since 2006, when Guides4Learning was first released. In 2021 we partnered with Max Teaching to create an unmatched education consulting organization. Our curriculum / lesson planning system makes it easy to build curriculum, then use those documents to quickly write lesson plans. Never start a lesson plan from scratch again! Simply choose the curriculum unit to use, then click the standards, tasks, and objectives to include in that plan. If you're a Career and Technology Center, we also integrate the Pennsylvania Programs of Study and NOCTI standards, and have a Task Tracker to enable you to track student progress with ease. Other states CTC Task Lists can be added also.

Some of the key features of our system include:

  • Use curriculum documents to create lesson plans without retyping
  • Standards available to include in documents with simple point-and-click
  • Save time by editing or making copies of existing plans. No need to recreate them
  • Attach related files to unit and/or lesson plans
  • Print hard copies of unit/lesson plans
  • Include hyperlinks to external websites and documents
  • Centralized, off-site database system with nightly backups of all data
  • Services

    We not only offer a full-featured and easy to use web-based application for teachers, but we also schedule onsite training sessions to get you up and running quickly. You decide how many training days to include with your package! Besides the best curriculum, lesson planning, and task tracking program you can find, our services also include consulting from Max Teaching trainers.

    Build Curriculum

    Creating curriculum has never been easier! We include multiple state and national standards for you to include with a simple point and click. Your unit plans / learning guides will be saved in the cloud and accessible from any device.

    Create Lesson Plans

    Using your curriculum documents (not a blank page) you will select items to include in each lesson. No need to reinvent the wheel. A unit plan / learning guide can be used to create as many lesson plans as necessary.

    Track Student Tasks

    Using either a state task list (POS) or your own, you can keep track of student progress easily and print reports when needed.

    Max Teaching

    MAX is an acronym that stands for the three steps of the teaching framework: Motivation, Acquisition, and EXtension. Any teacher can use MAX Teaching to help students learn their subject matter more efficiently and more thoroughly thus improving the literacy skills of all students.


    If you would like more information about our software solution for teachers and schools, fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.