New look! Same great features! Same ease-of-use!

For our existing clients, you may have noticed a few changes to Guides4Learning. Don't worry, all of your favorite time-saving features are still here! We have consolidated the Main Menu to hopefully make navigation easier/quicker. The foundation of the system, your curriculum and lesson plans, are now in the same area, "Plans/Guides".

You can still build Task Lists/Learning Activities to easily include in your plans. And if you're a CTC school, the Programs of Study are still there, as well as your local task lists! The Task Tracker, a favorite among CTC teachers, is still intact as well as all of your student data that was previously entered.

Navigating the pages has changed slightly. Many pages now have a button near the top left of the page. That will take you back to the previous page. And on every page, there is a home icon in the top navigation bar that will take you back to the main menu. You may also click the Guides4Learning logo in the top left corner of any page to return to the main menu. For pages that you may want to print, just click the icon to take you to a printer friendly page.

In short, all previously entered learning guides, lesson plans, task lists, and student tracking data are all still there! Building curriculum and lesson plans is still quick and easy with Guides4Learning.

[Note: For our clients outside of Pennsylvania, these changes are still being finalized. ]